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Ballast Point bottles flavors of India and gets a new brewer!

At long last Ballast Point’s Indra Kunindra will be available in bomber bottles starting tomorrow at both brewery locations.  Indra Kunindra is an export stout that includes many ingredients found in Indian / Thai food such as cumin, curry, cayenne, coconut, and kaffir lime leaf.   It took almost a year to get the necessary permissions to bottle this concoction by homebrewer Alex Tweet, but all is legal and the bottles are ready.  This will more than likely be a one time brew.

To top off the excitement of finally having his beer bottled, Alex Tweet has become the newest member of the Ballast Point staff!  He went to Ballast Point and brewed 60 barrels of his Indra Kunindra… they liked him, he liked them, so they decided to make it official and Alex starts his new gig on Monday.

Style: India Style Export Stout

ABV: 7%

Availability: 22oz bottles at both brewery locations