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Atlanta’s Winter Beer Carnival 2013 [PICS]

On Saturday, February 9th, 2013 Atlanta saw its 4th Winter Beer Carnival. For those who haven’t been, imagine a craft beer fest stocked with carnival games, food, and even an ice slide. (Hey, in Atlanta it’s like spotting the Lochness Monster.) I’ve noticed something change over time at beer festivals, especially those in the SouthEast. What was once an opportunity for people to get just completely plowed, has since evolved into people clamoring to try new things with an open mind and incredible enthusiasm.

For those beer geeks that find themselves too good for festivals, it’s time for you to embrace that this newfound enthusiasm a great thing for the beer you (and I) love so dearly. It is how the industry grows. Plus, didn’t we all have some fun??? Don’t act like you weren’t doing the Macarena.

Special thanks to Premier Events and Caren West PR.

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