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Atlanta Beer Week 2011, Set In Stone.

Atlanta Beer Week

Here it is. Atlanta Beer Week 2011.  Let’s start by clearing up any confusion there might be.  Clear your calendars October 8th – 16th, 2011.  Set it stone. ICal it, IGoogle it, Iremember it, or for those medieval people, write it down.

All you good beer drinkers of Atlanta know that this is a booming beer town.  What it needs (and has needed for a while) is a beer week.  Finally, it is happening.  And coming together quite nicely I might add.  We have breweries from coast to coast getting ready to wow your tastebuds.  Dozens and dozens of on and off premise establishments are working together around the ATL to make this week what it should be – a badass beer week that Atlanta can be proud of. Thirsty yet?  I am.

We need YOUR help.  Not just drinking the beer, but telling everyone you know that Atlanta Beer Week is coming, and the time is now to get involved.  Have a favorite drinking spot?  Tell them about ABW.  Have a Facebook, Google + or heck even a MySpace page? Tell your friends.  Tell the person sitting next to you at the bar. Tell strangers.  But most of all, get excited.  The wheels are in motion.  The tap handles are ready.  The beer is fermenting.

Atlanta needs this. Atlanta wants this.  Do you? Thought so.

More info and events coming –  and Facebook