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Another Bud Truck Bites It [VIDEO]

A truck carrying cases of Bud Light overturned in Atlanta last night. Crews had to clean up the roadway with front loaders.

The driver was merging onto I-20 from 285 South when the truck flipped. Best comment wins…

4 thoughts on “Another Bud Truck Bites It [VIDEO]

  1. “Eyewitness to the crash report hearing the driver yell, ‘Here we go!’ as the truck flipped over.”

  2. The driver, angry after finding out he was hauling Bud Light, was being charged with intentionally flipping his vehicle. He was quoted as saying, “Look, someone needs to warn me before hand that I was hauling toxic fluids. No one is going to hold me accountable, they’d do the same thing!”

  3. First responders on the scene were hesitant to hose down the damaged goods as they didn’t want to add more water to the crash site.

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