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Anchor Lends Hand To Lagunitas

Lagunitas is crazy busy.  The demand for Lagunitas is at an all time high.  They have recently suffered some set backs with their new brewhouse being damaged in transit.   It has caused some shifts to Lag’s 2012 lineup.   Lagunitas has just gotten a little help from one of America’s most established breweries – Anchor this week.  Anchor is lending a hand during this bumpy time.

…so we’re working with them right now to brew some IPA draft for us. Can you dig that? Anchor Brewing! Its’a STRAIGHT-UP honor…..that Anchor is willing to help us through this two-month hump. It is great to have such friends on this crazy competitive left-coast!

No doubt this will help Lagunitas keep supply up as the take care of some brewhouse buisness.  Beer people are good people.