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AleSmith Has New Expensive Coffee Speedway

AleSmith Brewing Company has teamed up with Mostra Coffee to create the next single varietal Speedway Stout

Speedway Stout is the brewery’s famed imperial stout brewed with coffee. The brewery has recently created “varietals” that change the specialty coffee bean in the brew.

This next release featuresĀ cold brewed Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans. Those not big into beans, Jamaica Blue Mountain are grown in the highest peaks in the Caribbean, making them unique, and prized.

Mike Arquines, Roaster for Mostra Co. said, “This opportunity is surreal. Prior to this collaboration, AleSmith was one of my all-time favorite breweries!

AleSmith Brewing chooses some of the best coffee beans in the world for their varietal releases, this edition should be no different. Tickets for the bottle release go on sale on March 3rd. Release party at the brewery on March 8th.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Coffee)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Arrival: March 8, 2014

12% ABV

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