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After Slight Delay, Lagunitas Bavarian Doppel Hits

Lagunitas Brewing’s first brew on their new equipment was slightly delayed (originally due out in June, 2011.)
Lagunitas invited Rolec, the fabricators of the new equipment to brew on their creation.  The brewhouse was designed by Freistant Bayern Brothers.

In far-away 2006, in a beer hall in Philly, at the end of a long road, we shared our first beer with a Friestat Bayern Brewer enharmonically named Wolfgang. At stake, over a Prima Pils, was whether or not Lagunitas would purchase from him a new 80bbl brewhouse. It was a lot of money. Playing Silenus to my Brewery’s chariot, together- with the benefit of the Pils- we forded the emotional-economic crevasse and commissioned the brewhouse. Unforseeable at the time would be the need for even more brewing capacity today in extra-local 2011. So, for the sixth time in our short history, we lurch down that increasingly familiar road towards a new 250 barrel brewhouse. The actual installation, beginning in November, will bear a stong resemblance to a heart transplant, on an awake patient, performed on the backside of a galloping horse, or at very least in tow behind Dionysus’ trustworthy Silenus. Some is good, more is better. The good new is; it’s still us! 

Style: Weizenbock

Taste Expectations: Light banana, clove.  Wheat, caramel, creamy. (Think Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Release)

Availability: 22oz bombers,  some draft.

9% ABV