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A-B Shopping For New Ad Agency

U.S. VP-Marketing Paul Chibe is shopping around for new ad agencies.  The focus is Bud Light.  Apparently this is the largest ad agency “shopping trip” AB has been on in many years.

Bud Light is the #1 selling beer in America with a 19.1% market share, despite declining retail and on premise sales.  Chibe tells Ad Age this about the future approach:

No. 1 priority in the U.S. is to accelerate the growth of Bud Light.” He added: “The key brand-health indicators for Bud Light continued to improve and we gained share in the quarter,” but, “we believe we can do better.’

We aren’t talking just ads here either.  AB says it’s looking to approach events, contests, packaging & more a different way. [AdAdage]

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