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A Week In The Life Of Dogfish’s Lead Brewer

Ben Potts is Dogfish Head Brewing’s lead brewer.  He started at the brewery in late 2011.  The Food Informants, columnists for the Huffington Post, spent a week with Ben.   Those who thing being a brewer is all glamour and banana sandwiches.   Scut work, emails, and technical work abound.  Ben walks the Informants through the brewing of Low Rider (his first beer at the put) that just debuted on tap at the brewpub, and the BeerAdvocate brew – headed for the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston this year.

1:50pm: I finish cleaning the tap line that had been soaking and rinse it thoroughly. I taste the water coming out to check and see if any flavor from the previous beer carried over. Tastes fine. I switch the Tweason’ale over to that freshly cleaned line and get ready to tap and test the Low Rider. 
2:50pm: Finally the Low Rider is run through the tap. The beer cascades beautifully as it flows from the tap into the pint glass. My first brew is a success! Nice and malty, with a subtle herbal hoppiness and incredibly silky/creamy mouth feel due to the nitrogenization. I couldn’t be more excited! A real milestone, my first Dogfish beer!

T’weasonale is a gluten free beer arriving this month. [HuffPo]