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A Look At Newcastle’s New National TV Spots [Videos]

Newcastle Brown Ale announced to they are launching a new national campaign dubbed “No Bollocks.”  Each spot is filmed on Location in Newcastle, England.  The brewery describes their approach in today’s press release:

“With this campaign we are going to be very honest with our consumers. Our guys know it when they are marketed to, so we believe it’s time for a beer brand to give it to them straight, just like their best mates would do,” said Charles van Es, brand director, Newcastle Brown Ale. “The people of Newcastle, England — Geordies — don’t take themselves too seriously, love a good joke, and most importantly, they tell it like it is. Our ads celebrate these traits by using a no-nonsense approach, where we are not over promising anything.

Below are the new national spots.  #1 “Brewer”

#2 “Schooner – Believe”

“Schooner – Glass”

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