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A Crisis In A Can

As mentioned in a previous post, 21st Amendment Brewing putting Hop Crisis in cans for the first time, previously a draft only product.  This hoppy beer is aged on oak spirals.

Label (It reads like a conversation in the beginning):
The  Hop Syndicate is hoarding hops in a remote warehouse.  This is not cool. We have to do something.  Absolutely.  It’s our duty and our right.  WE have to break out of Alcatraz. and fast.  No worries brotha! Wer’re gonna surf out! on ironing boards!  No one as ever escaped from  Alcatraz!… Except in the movies.   No one has ever had a good reason before.  Free the hops! Free The hops!

During the hop crisis, some brewers were forced to skimp on hops, depriving the people of their right to hoppy, aromatic beer.

Style: Imperial IPA. (Oaked)
Availability: 12oz cans. Draft.
Arrival: Early Summer, 2011

9.7% ABV
94 IBU’s