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8 Wired Brewed Batch 31 Brewed Specifically For America

8 Wired Brewing (Marlborough, New Zealand)  is shipping Batch 31 specifically for the United States.  It was known as Batch 18 in New Zealand, a celebration of their 18th Batch made 18 months into brewing.  It was an instant hit, but not enough was produced to make it stateside.  Enter 31.

Last year, to celebrate both our 18th batch of beer and our 18th month anniversary, we brewed a big ass stout that turned a lot of heads here in New Zealand.  Unfortunately, this beer wasn’t brewed in sufficient volume to supply the American market.   So, we went to work again.  The beer you’re now holding is inspired by batch 18, and its brewed solely for Shelton Brothers and all our American friends.

Starting out with an already weighty Imperial Stout, we add a hefty dose of Jaggery Coffee.  We ferment with two different strains of ale yeast, and then age the beer in American oak barrels.  After six months on the oak, the beer from those barrels is blended, bottled and shipped to the USA for your enjoyment.

Batch 31 is an intense experience.  Enjoy with a loved one.

Style: Imperial Stout (oak aged)
Hops: Southern Cross, Centennial, Chinook
Malts: Pale, Chocolate, Carafa, Smoked, Crystal, Special B, Roasted Barley
Yeast: Wyeast 1272, 1968

Availability:  16.9oz bottles

11% ABV

Brewed on 12/15/10
Barreled on: 1/10/11
Bottled on: 4/18/11
Best before: 12/18

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