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72 People Die From Poisoned Beer in Mozambique

A batch of traditional, home-brewed, beer is responsible for the death of 72 people in Mozambique. More than 100 have been hospitalized.

Early reports point to a poison spiked batch of pombe, a recipe brewed with sorghum, corn and millet. A large crowed of funeral goers drank the poisoned pombe, and immediately fell ill.

The recipe and brewing process of pombe is not fatal. According to Radio Mozambique, the brew might have been poisoned with crocodile bile, a deadly poison. Apparently the container full of pombe is missing as well.

Ed note: Crocodile bile isn’t inherently poisonous. There is a lot of superstition surrounding the pancreas of a crocodile in Mosambique. The beer was potentially spiked with a more poisonous substance.

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