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31 Hours Left To Fund Rogness

UPDATE 11/23: They made it! Congrats!

Rogness Brewing Company is looking to expand the craft beer selection in Texas. (They need more beer!)  Using Kickstarter, the future brewery has raised over $10,000 of $12,000 goal.  31 hours left.  Here’s their story:

Rogness Brewing Company will specialize in creating small, handcrafted batches of beer. As decade long owners of a successful homebrew supply shop in Austin, TX, Forrest & Diane Rogness have experimented with many special hops and exotic ingredients. They are ready to share some of their more unique recipes with the world. So how far along are they?

Sexy logo? Check.
A spacious location in north Austin? Check.
A team of brewers, experts and handymen? Check.
Brewhouse and fermenting tanks on the way? Check.

There is still much to be done, however, such as procuring the very expensive cold storage room, a steam generator, more kegs, and a bottling line. And that’s why we’re here asking for help and offering fun incentives! – – – – – – – >


There is a craft beer revolution going on in central TX and the timing has never been better to open a brewery. Several breweries here have needed to double their capacity within 9 months of opening!!! Bars are featuring more and more TX beers as well as beer pairing dinners due to high demand and overall curiosity in this growing hotbed of epicurean enthusiasm. Rogness Brewing Company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this expanding trend.



While there will be a regular rotation of kegs, we will feature very limited runs of really unique beers every 3 to 6 months. If there is a rare spice or a new hop that comes out, we may feature it in one of these beers and possibly never again. It is that kind of freedom that will help Rogness Brewing Company stand out in a growing market of craft beer. In addition, we plan to offer food pairing suggestions on each bottle. It has taken so long for craft beer to “catch up” to wine’s status as an enjoyable yet sophisticated adult beverage that can be paired with a number of foods to enhance and complement each other. More education remains, however, and we accept this challenge.


The Brewers –

Mark Tovar, Daron White, David Heath and Dan Wheeler make up the team of brewers, experts and general handymen. Including Forrest, they have a combined 61 years of brewing experience.