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21A’s Hop Crisis On Shelves

20130625-092243.jpgYour hop bomb of a summer drinker in back. 21st Amendment’s Hop Crisis is on shelves in 4 pack cans. The beer is an imperial IPA aged on oak.

“A few years ago, when hop prices shot through the roof, making it more difficult to brew bitter beers, we decided there was only one thing to do. Make the biggest, hoppiest beer we could imagine. And we really wanted to celebrate the Imperial IPA style by doing something a little more original. Aside from the higher alcohol and intense hop bitterness, we felt aging the beer on oak would add some additional layers of flavor. Because oak can overwhelm the hops, we chose a light, subtle oak character to accentuate the dry hop bitterness and add a unique character to the beer.”

Style: Imperial IPA (Oak Aged)
Availability: 12oz cans, Draft.

9.7% ABV

One thought on “21A’s Hop Crisis On Shelves

  1. Already burned through one four-pack of this and going to pick up another today. I really enjoy it and the oak is definitely subtle but adds a good layer to the hop bomb.

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