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13,000 Gallons Saved, Port City Reopens Today

13,000 gallons of beer.  Or 104,000 pints. Or 138,666 bottles. That’s what was at stake when the power went out over the weekend at Port City Brewing Company. Massive storms ripped through the Virginia/D.C. area this week knocking out power all around the region.  13,000 gallons of beer were in the fermentation tanks, and without temperature control, could have been a huge loss to the brewery.

A generator was brought in to keep the chillers going. One fermentation take of the seasonal pilsner could result in a loss of $20,000 in revenue to the brewery. Without power, the brewery has fallen behind with bottling too. The tasting room is closed, which as resulted in close to $15,000 dollars in lost revenue to the start up business.

Beer is a lot temperature control too. Yeasts need to be refrigerated, hops are fresher when they are kept cold. A prolonged power outage could kill a brewery very quickly. The brewery reopens today post-storm. It’s a dual celebration: Saving the beer, and celebrating the new law allowing 16oz pints to be served in the tasting room. Those attending – be prepared to sweat. The AC isn’t working yet.

We will open from 3-9 pm, serve pints, flights and sell beer for the July 4th holiday. Justin Trawick will play from 3:30-5:30.

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