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11,100 Gallon Oopsie Delays Saint Arnold’s Black Kolsch

It’s a simple process done by brewers over and over again.  Make a test batch.  Test it.  Like it.  Scale up the recipe for big equipment.   That’s exactly what Saint Arnold did for Santo, the breweries newest Black Kolsch due out September 1st.

3 tanks of 3,700 gallons of Santo won’t see the market, after the brewers tasted what the tanks held.  They aren’t infected, they just don’t taste as good as the test batches did.  Beer is a flavor artform as much as it’s a science.  Sometimes things just don’t come out right.  So, 11,100 gallons are destined for Texas sewers.   There’s going to be some drunk fish.  No estimates have been released on how much the under flavored batch cost.   Saint Arnold brewery is back at it trying to correct the issue.

From Saint Arnold:

We regret to announce that we are delaying the release of our newest beer, Santo. After brewing a 10 gallon test brew several months ago that we were enthusiastic about, we scaled up the recipe and recently brewed our standard 3,700 gallon batch. In fact, we have three such batches in the fermenters right now. After filtering a batch this week and getting it ready for packaging we tasted it. It was good, but it was missing that spark that separates a good beer from a great beer. So we are dumping the over 11,000 gallons of beer we have in the tanks.

New release date for Santo TBA