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No Goose Island Bourbon County kegs in Georgia, Coffee only

Update: Goose Island reached out to us, confirming the state will not be receiving Bourbon County Brand Stout. Unfortunately, all the lower ABV blends have been allocated. According to Goose Island, only Bourbon County Coffee will be sold this year in Georgia in 2015, as it complies with the state’s 14% ABV cap.

On Black Friday 2015, Goose Island will release their celebrated Bourbon County Brand Stout. While most of the country shops, the beer fans will be drinking 14% ABV barrel-aged imperial stout. As it stands right now, not in Georgia.

The state has a limitation on beer’s alcohol by volume, setting the cap at 14% ABV.

For the states that suffer from this limitation, there is a frationally lower ABV edition of BCBS (13.8%), that GI blends so the beer is legal to sell in those states.

The Bourbon County that finished over 14% was accidentally shipped to Georgia. From the letter send to local distributors, Anheuser Busch/Goose Island requests it not be sold in the state, and shipped back to the brewery.

We have reached out to Goose Island distributor Atlanta Beverage in regards to this issue – they tell Beer Street Journal that they are doing everything they can to swap kegs if possible in order to get Bourbon County Stout in the state.

Check back here for more as it happens.

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