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Westvleteren On Ebay for $800? Empty Box For $100?

Westvleteren XII, the day after.  Dozens of boxes of the coveted beer have shown up on eBay for as much as $800.  Some dbag wants you to buy the empty box for $100. Reminder to those that didn’t get any. It will still be brewed, and sold. Just not in the United States.

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Total Wine Posts 12/12 Westvleteren Street Date, Releases Early

Total Wine didn’t make a lot of friends this week when they released Westvletern XII. Touted as one of the world’s best beers (and hardest to purchase) has hit U.S. soil for one time only. Total Wine working with Shelton Brothers all but got complete inclusivity (despite legal questions it raises in some states.) Total Wine’s blog announced a street date of 12/12/12. As you can see above, the store communications confirm this date.

However, on December 1st- many of the stores let the gift packs go. Now, BSJ is here to report news and such surrounding your favorite beverage. But I have to ask the question, why would you get people excited for a beer that will be sold in the United States just one time. Ever. Tell them a release date so they get a shot at it, then- not release like you said you would?

Also, I’m told that in Georgia – Quality is the distributor on record. Total Wine received all the gift packs for the state. Quality asked for some back to give to other retailers. Total Wine completely refused. That raises even more legal questions. Shady dealings? Maybe.

UPDATE: Total Wine has removed the original post about the Westy Release date.

Thanks @BrewMeOne for the pic. 

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Westvleteren XII Hits Total Wine on 12/12/12

One of the most talked about beer releases in America in 2012 is upon us. Westvleteren XII, considered by some to be the #1 on planet earth will be released on U.S. soil for one time only. The Trappist quadrupel is usually only available at the monastery in Westvleteren, Belgium. The abbey is in such need of repair, that production of the world’s most sought after beer had to be increased to raise the funds for the repairs.

Westvleteren XII available for sale in a 6 pack with 2 glasses for $84.99.  All proceeds benefit the Abbey. Total Wine has announced this release will occur on 12.12.12, and available at Total Wine in the following states: Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, California and Nevada.

Style: Quadrupel (Trappist)
Availability: 6 bottle packs w/ 2 glasses. One time release.
Arrival: 12/12/12

10.2% ABV


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No Westie 12 For Missouri? UPDATED

Paul Hayden of The Wine & Cheese Place based in St. Louis has done a little research on Westvleteren 12 coming to the state.  The plot thickens.

Since I had not seen the Westvleteren registered in Missouri, I started emailing to find out the story for Missouri.  I talked to Shelton Brothers and found out that they were told that the were  not the distributor for Missouri.  The country was split in half down the Mississippi with the exception of Illinois was added to this side of the country —  the distributor for Missouri for Westvleteren is our Chimay Importer — Manneken-Brussel Imports.   They have not responded to my email, but I talked our distributor for Chimay and they were told that they are not sending any Westvleteren to Missouri???  They are sending it all to the West Coast???


Note: In case you don’t know the back story- Westvleteren 12 or “Westie 12” is considered one of the best beers on planet earth.  Until now, the beer was only available to buy at the monastery.  The monks brew only what is needed to sustain themselves, no more.  Repairs are needed at the abbey, so they are producing more -for sale publicly. For one time only.  It will no doubt be highly sought after.

UPDATE: 3/21 –  I just talked to Lisa at Manneken Imports  and she said they have every intention of coming to Missouri.  They are still waiting to complete the deal with Westvleteren before the can confirm anything.  So at this point things look good  (or at least better).