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Budweiser Taps Wendr To Create Bud Social Networking App

Anheuser Busch has tapped start up company Wendr to create a mobile app dubbed “Buds By Budweiser.  The application will help people find friends what want to hang out that night to drink a few buds.  The app will tell you what bars sell Budweiser (there’s going to be a lot of pins on that map!) and then let indivduals tell their friends where their are drinking (via Foursquare).   The benefits include free beer, discounts, swag and more.

Wendr has been given $25,000 to work up this product, although it might not be something AB nationally executes.  Wendr is already available in the iTunes store.  The app lets friends connect, or suggest evening plans in an open forum.  [Adage]