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Cigar City Presents Transmogrify Series

Cigar City Brewing (Tampa, FL) is bring you a new series. ¬†Instead of just taking a few brewing moments to experiment – CC is taking their current beers & changing them into something different & unique. ¬†Don’t take my word for it, he’s what Cigar City has to say about it.

Today, Cigar City is proud to present: the Transmogrify Series! We all have a little kid in us that likes to experiment and form unique creations, like taking existing things and turning them into something different. That’s what the Transmogrify Series is all about. We’re going to take some of our beers and change things up with them to turn them into something totally unique, such as use a completely different yeast strain or drastically alter the hop bill. Stay tuned for updates, as we will be serving a couple very soon in the tasting room!