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Alchemist Heady Topper Sells Out

The Alchemist Brewpub & Brewery (Waterbury, VT)  has some great news after a bad week.  Heady Topper just offered in cans of Friday sold out over the weekend.  More will be available on Wednesday at 11 am.

This is the first can offering by The Alchemist, who just lost their brewpub to flooding from Irene.  The cannery is located out of the flood area, and is fully operational.


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Alchemist Heady Topper Release Update

Jen with The Alchemist Brewpub in Waterbury, Vermont had this posted to BeerAdvocate last night.  Friday is the impending release of Heady Topper, the breweries first cans and first year round beer.  There WILL be more in the future, but due to the Irene’s floodwaters and its damage to the city, it will be a little slow going.

I say, take care of yourself first.  The beer, and US, can wait.

Per Jen:

This area of Waterbury is a disaster. Can’t describe it. It’s hard not to cry. Honestly, it looks like Katrina hit, just with more trees standing.

Due to these circumstances, as well as the overwhelming offers of public support, it may be that there will not be enough HEADY TOPPER to service each and every visitor this Friday at the Cannery. Instead of having people travel here and not receive what they expected, we would like to remind everyone that there will be a continual supply of HEADY after Friday so keep this in mind.

After spending the day helping clean out the ALCHEMIST basement (huge kudos to the TPT crew for their outstanding basement beer flood management skills), we were lucky to taste some of the new cans. WOW! Congrats Jim!

Please just keep in mind that the travel here is a little treacherous at this time, but HEADY will always be waiting.

Hope to see you all soon!