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Kona Aina Brown Ale Kicks Off New Series

Kona Aina Brown Ale

Kona Brewing will kick off their new Hawaii only Makana Series with Aina Brown Ale. The four offerings throughout 2015 celebrates the earth’s four elements – Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

Aina (Land) is a brown ale bread with Kalo or taro root. The root is an essential part of Hawaiian food and history. Kalo is believed to carry the spirit of Haloa, the first Hawaiian.

We’re paying tribute to the beautiful land of Hawaii with our limited edition Makana Series Aina Brown Ale. With kalo added to the mash, you’ll taste its earthy flavor which balances the caramel complexity of this unique brew. Take a sip, close your eyes, and let the spirit of Haloa give you appreciation for the paradise beneath your feet.

The Makana Series Aina Brown Ale launches in January, 2015.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the nonprofit Sustainable Coastlines.

Style: Brown Ale (w/ Taro Root)
Hops: Millennium, Cascade, Mt Hood, Centennial
Malt: Premium 2 Row, Caramel, Munich, Chocolate, Carapils

Availability: Draft only. Hawaii Only.
Arrival: January, 2015

6% ABV, 29 IBUs