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CASK ALERT! Dry Hopped, Oaked, Holy SHEET! TODAY!

Holy Sheet (Ãœber Abbey Ale), is a strong Belgian Dark Ale offering by Heavy Seas Brewing ( Baltimore, MD.)  Abbey ales fall into the Belgian Strong Dark Ale category and have more sweet flavors compared others strong darks.  The Belgian style yeasts tend to produce more alcohol, and at 9% ABV Holy Sheet has just that.  Tasting notes for Holy Sheet – you’ll taste some dark fruits – raisins, figs, dark cherries, and candied sugars.  Belgian yeast funk and some alcohol are present too.

This cask is actually dry hopped and oaked, so you’ll be looking for that increased complexity over what is already going on above.  I’m still awaiting word on which hop was used for dry hopping, but American Oak chips were added.  It is rare that I have seen an Abbey ale casked, oaked and dry hopped so this is a real treat.  Steve, one of the brewers at Heavy Seas is a cask genius and is responsible for the casks that have made it into Atlanta.  Every one I have tasted has been delicious.

The is cask is tapping at Taco Mac Crabapple this Saturday 3/6/10 as a finale to their anniversary week.  5 pm!  Special thanks to founder of Heavy Seas Brewing -Hugh Sisson. He personally sent this cask to Crabapple for this event.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Hugh on numerous occasions, and he is one of the nicest individuals I’ve ever met.

Taco Mac Crabapple – 3/6, 5 pm

685 Crossville Road, Suite 146
Roswell, GA 30075