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Terrapin’s Next Side Project “Chili Pepper Brownie Ale”

Terrapin Beer Company (Athens, GA) is pushing the envelope with new beers and flavors this year. Last week, Green Flash was in the brewery to cream an orange creamsicle IPA. Next up is Side Project #23, Guano Loco.

Chili pepper brownie ale peak your interest? For this edition, the brewery combined flavors of chocolate from cocoa nibs, and chilies to give your palate something as confusing as it is fun.

Like a piñata bursting at the seams, Guano Loco “Chili Pepper Brownie Ale” explodes with a flavor from a myriad of directions. Chocolaty sweetness melds brilliantly with a spicy head to make this beer a fiesta in your glass…Ole’

Look for Terrapin Guano Loco in 22oz bombers and draft for a limited time. What does Guano Loco mean? This might help.

Style: American Strong Ale (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Chili Peppers)
Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft
Arrival: TBA

8.6% ABV

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Terrapin Side Project #22: MoonRay

Terrapin Beer Co’s (Athens, GA) Side Project #21 Pineapple Express launches this month. That beer is the winner of the employee home-brew competition.

Side Project #22 “MoonRay” is already in planning, with the test recipe being tweaked as you read this.  Per brewery co-founder “Spike” Buchowski, he intends on making this beer a bit like the chocolate orange candy. (the chocolate that splits open like orange slices).

He hopes to the do this with the addition of orange peels, chocolate malt and cocoa nibs. The weizenbock yeast will give the beer a touch of banana flavor too.

Expect this offering by Summer, 2014

Style: Weizenbock (w/ Chocolate, Oranges)
Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft
Arrival: TBA

8.34% ABV

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Terrapin Side Project #21: Pineapple Express

You have a lot to be excited for from Terrapin Beer Co. (Athens, GA). For starters, Cinnamon Roll’d Wake & Bake, White Chocolate Moo Hoo, even a Pecan Pie collaboration with Cigar City Brewing.

Incoming is a follow up to Side Project #20, Dr. Krunkles White Farmhouse IPA, Pineapple Express. This newbie is the brainchild of Terrapin’s own.

Recently the brewery held an employee brew-off. Late night grilling (and drinking!) with friends inspired a slightly smoky offering brewed with chunks of fresh pineapple. The winning offering was born.

This smoked pineapple helles lager will be pulling into the station in the near future. Congratulations to Julia Weckback, Andy Dupras, John Lane, Rainey Lynch, Lily Swindle, Mike Wallace, and Chris Wright for your winning brew.

Style: Helles Lager (w/ Pineapple. Smoked)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: TBA

5.4% ABV

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Update: Terrapin Dr. Krunkles in August

Terrapin Dr. Krunkles

Terrapin Beer Company (Athens, GA) has set a round about date for Side Project #20, Dr. Krunkles. Early August. This scholarly Krunkles is a white IPA with a few fun tweaks. Perhaps some tasty medicine for the hottest summer days.

Style: White IPA (w/ White PeppercornOak Aged)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: August, 2013

7.3% ABV

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The Dr. Will See You Now. Terrapin Side Project #20

Terrapin Dr. Krunkles

Introducing the 2oth release in Terrapin Beer Co’s (Athens, GA) Side Project Series – Dr. Krunkles. The lovable brewer Krunkles rides again, this time with a white IPA. This experimental IPA uses a considerable amount of wheat, a farmhouse yeast (for a little funky flavor) with a twist – white peppercorns. Oh yeah, and it’s finished on White Ash oak staves. A complex, yet fun drinker in the heat perhaps?

Straight from the Orient and into the brewing ingredient R&D field comes the next incarnation of the most beloved IPA brewer on the planet, Dr. Krunkles. The Dr. is in with a new White Farmhouse IPA that has ordinary brewmasters bending over and sing “Moon River” in his honor. Dr. Krunkles White Farmhouse IPA reaches new heights in complexity and flavor by combining the malt and spices of a Belgian Witbier, the yeast of a Farmhouse Ale and the hoppy goodness of an American IPA. Dr. Krunkle’s twisted touch is a dash of white peppercorn and then wood aging on white ash.

Style: White IPA (w/ White Peppercorn, Oak Aged)
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: August, 2013

7.3% ABV

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Terrapin Side Project #19: Mosaic Single Hopped Rye Ale

On shelves now is Terrapin Side Project #18: Liquid Bliss. Meet the follow up release coming in 2013 –  Mosaic Single Hopped Rye Ale. Brewer “Spike” has an affinity towards rye malt, so this comes a no surprise.

Freshly harvested from Hop Breeding Company, LLC in Yakima Valley, the hops used in Side Project 19 “Mosaic” came freshly picked from the fields of Perrault Farms, to our brewery, and into your glass. Known as hop HBC 369 before official naming in 2011, Mosaic is the daughter of Simcoe (YCR 14) and a Nugget-derived male. To get the best of all worlds from this new Humulus lupus, we used 100% Mosaic throughout the brewing process to utilize all the flavor and aroma that this world-class hop has to offer. 

Style: Rye Beer
Hops: Mosaic
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: March, 2013

6.6% ABV 

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Terrapin’s “Liquid Bliss” Should Arrive This Week

Terrapin’s Liquid Bliss Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter should arrive in stores this week. Bliss, aka Side Project #18 by the Athens, Georgia brewery is first time brewmaster “Spike” and crew have released a beer like this this. It took some time to get the recipe right when brewing with peanuts & peanut butter.

Style: Porter (w/ Chocolate & Peanut Butter)
Availability: 22 oz bombers, Draft. One time release
Arrival: Mid-November, 2012

6.7% ABV