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New Release: Saint Arnold’s Bishop’s Barrel No. 2

Saint Arnold Brewing Co. releases Bishop’s Barrel No. 2 today. This marks the second release in their small batch barrel aged series of beers. Bishop’s Barrel No. 2 is an old Ale aged for more than a year in oak Chardonnay barrels with cherries. The base beer was brewed in 2011, then added to oak barrels shortly after.

Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel is a series of beers that have been aged in barrels specifically chosen to enhance and complement the characteristics of the underlying beers. Each batch of Bishop’s Barrel is distinguished by the number on the neck label. Since fewer than 1,200 cases of 12-ounce bottles of Bishop’s Barrel No. 2 were produced, Bishop’s Barrel will only be available in pubs and restaurants throughout Texas and Louisiana that normally carry Saint Arnold beer.

“This beer has many layers of flavors,” said Saint Arnold founder/brewer Brock Wagner, who sourced the barrels from his cousin’s winery, Saintsbury, in Napa, Calif. “The nose is a combination of sour cherry, oaked chardonnay and a wild yeast character. The taste has pleasantly light cherry and light malt up front, some chardonnay in the middle and finishes dry with a distinct tartness.”

Style: Old Ale (w/ Cherries, Wine Barrel Aged. Chardonnay)
Availability: 12 oz bottles
Arrival: 2/18/13