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A bigger, bolder radler. Don’t miss Great Divide Roadie

Great Divide Roadie Radler can

Just in time for warmer weather will be Great Divide Roadie Radler, featuring the crisp flavor of grapefruit.

The brewery founder Brian Dunn is an avid cyclist. A radler, a German-style beer with it’s roots in cycling, is a perfect choice for a spring seasonal.

For years, Great Divide has been quite active in cycling, from the formation of the Great Divide Cycling Team, employees participating in the Bike MS race, and taproom donations to various biking organizations.

Great Divide Roadie Radler is a blend of fresh grapefruit purée, and a light ale. Trust us, it has some legs. Radlers are great hair of the dog beers, breakfast beers, and all day beers. The downside to the their fruity effervescence is their low ABV. So many are in the 2% to 3% range. Not only is this radler bright and fresh, it’s 4.2%. That’s more bang for your buck. We are 100% for it.

Brewed with natur al grapefruit puree, this easy-drinking ale pours a hazy sunrise gold and is bursting with citrus aroma.

12 ounce cans and draft of Roadie  are hitting shelves starting in April, 2017.

Style: Radler (w/ Grapefruit)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Debut: April, 2017

4.2% ABV

PIC: Beer Street Journal

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Red Hare SPF 50/50 blends IPA & grapefruit juice, year-round

Red Hare SPF 50/50

Red Hare SPF 50/50, once a seasonal offering by the Marietta, Georgia based brewery, is now year-round.

Taking the brewery’s year-round, Gangway IPA, and blends it with their house made grapefruit soda. The end result is a hoppy, low alcohol by volume, HOPPY shandy/radler. If you think it sounds weird, we admit it is. But really, it works.

Wishing you were still on vacation? Transport yourself with Red Hare’s take on the classic European Radler. We’ve blended our Gangway India Pale Ale with our house-made grapefruit juice to create an India Pale Radler. This iPR “delivers a refreshing flavor that reminds you of the beach where it is always happy hour, and recovery is only a bacon buffet away.

Red Hare SPF 50/50 is a 12 ounce can and draft offering, now year-round in March, 2017.

Style: Radler (w/ Grapefruit)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Latest Return: March, 2017

4.2% ABV, 38 IBUs

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Boulevard Cranberry Orange Radler, the brewery’s 2nd debuts

Boulevard Cranberry Orange Radler

Boulevard Cranberry Orange Radler is now hitting shelves.

In 2014, the brewery debuted Ginger Lemon Radler. A departure from the brewery’s exemplary lineup? Sure. A success? You bet. Lighter alcohol offerings are always in demand.

Now in October, Boulevard Cranberry Orange Radler is expanding the brewery’s radler lineup. Jeremy Danner, brewer at Boulevard mentions that the process to create this release is pretty much the same – base beer is Unfiltered Wheat; swapping in ginger and lemon juice.

Cranberry Orange Radler will open with an aroma of sweet blood oranges and just a hint of cranberry. The blood orange character boldly manifests in the flavor giving way to cranberry tartness.

Boulevard Cranberry Orange Radler is a 12 ounce can and draft offering in fall, 2016.

Style: Radler (w/ Cranberries, Oranges)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
Debut: October, 2016

4% ABV, 12 IBUs

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Warsteiner Grapefruit arrives in April

Warsteiner Grapefruit

Warsteiner Grapefruit will be available in the United States on April 11th, 2016.

The beer is a 50/50 blend Warsteiner German Pilsner, and “grapefruit flavored” drink (whatever that is). The result a 2.5% alcohol by volume radler.

“WARSTEINER Grapefruit Special Edition is a refreshing and unique addition to the U.S. family of products,” said Laura Sprengard, brand manager for Warsteiner USA. “We’re excited to give our fans the premium pilsener they love with a hint of sweetness and a clean, citrus twist.”

Warsteiner Grapefruit is available in 11.2 ounce bottles and 16.9 ounce cans, for spring and summer.

Style: Radler (w/ Grapefruit)
Availability: 11.2oz Bottles, 16.9oz Cans
Release: April, 2016

2.5% ABV

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Spotlight: Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler Cans

Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler

Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler a previous Tasting Room Series release, will return as a part of the brewery’s new canned lineup this year.

A radler is blend (typically 1:1 mix) of beer and soda or lemonade. This zesty, refreshing, take on the classic “cyclist,” is sessionable and full of character. Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler uses a lemon Juice, lemon extract, and freshly juiced ginger.

The brewery’s initial can lineup will feature Unfiltered Wheat BeerPop-Up IPA, and Heavy Lifting IPA.

Style: Radler (w/ Ginger, Lemons)
Availability: 12oz Bottles
Arrival: TBA

4.05% ABV, 12 IBUs

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