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A Beer Brewed with Lunar Meteorites

If I said a brewery used meteorites in their beer, who would you think of? Dogfish Head would be the first guess for me. Of course, they’ve done it.

In honor of fall, the brewery has launched a very special oktoberfest beer brewed with lunar meteorites. Yes, meteorites.

Dogfish teamed up with NASA space suit makers ILC Dover to find and use the obviously rare ingredient. The rocks were crushed fine and added to the brew. It is said this mineral and salt based rock gives the festbier an added earthiness.

The out of this world fun doesn’t stop there. The beer is also served with koozies made from spacesuit material. Have you ever used a beer koozie made out of Kevlar, Mylar and Orhofabric? It literally can withstand temperatures of +250/-250F, micrometeoroid traveling at 10 miles per second, solar radiation and the vacuum of space. Holy. Freaking.Crap.

The beer is a brewpub exclusive. So space/beer nerds get your Big Bang Theory loving butt to Delaware. May the Force Be With You. Live Long and Prosper. This is one small beer for man, one giant beer burp for mankind.

Style: Oktoberfest (w/ Lunar Meteorites)
Availability: Draft only

5% ABV and 25 IBUs