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Le Bilboquet Expands To U.S.

Le Bilboquet Microbrasserie was founded in 1990 in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec.  It’s a brewpub with an Irish flair.  Previously on available locally, Le Bilboquet recently expanded around Canada and now the United States.  There are 2 sides to their brewing, ones brewed and available just at the brewpub, and ones that are available for distribution.

4 beers just hit larger distribution:

L’Archange – Hefeweizen, 5% abv.  Wheat, malted barley, hallertau hops. Flavors are creamy banana & pear.

La Corriveau – Oatmeal Stout, 5.5% abv.  Beautiful roasty nose.  Flavors of coffee/chocolate. Roasted Barley, oats, Kent Golding.

Mac Kroken Flower – Scotch Ale, 10.8% abv. A big beer, with caramel & honey flavors. Kent Golding hops.

L’Affriolante – Herbed/Spiced Beer, 7% abv.  Malted barley, honey, curacao, coriander, hallertau. Spicy, complex, sweet.

All 4 beers are available in 500 ml bottles, capped.  No specified draft offerings in the U.S.  All the above beers are interesting & complex.  Great beers for those looking for something different.  I dote on the L’Archange & La Corriveau.

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