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Shelves: Lagunitas Tuberfest

Lagunitas Tuberfest

Lagunitas Tuberfest is now available. Part of the brewery’s “One-Hitter” series.

One thing you bank on with the Lagunitas One-Hitter Series – it’s random. Your year will go from hoppy, to sour, to something fest-y like Lagunitas Tuberfest.

Sierra Nevada takes the traditional route by collaborating for a second year with centuries old German breweries. Lagunitas went traditional too. At least until you get to the hop bill. This malt forward lager sets itself apart from other oktoberfest-style beers, thanks to the the ever-so-hot Idaho 7 hops. So many breweries are using them right now for some pretty amazing IPAs.

Why be like everyone else right?

What you’ll taste. Lagunitas Tuberfest is a head-on collision of a malty fest beer you’re chugging as fall rolls around, with the unique Idaho 7 hop. The result in your glass is perfectly put by the brewery… Zing-y. Plus a little bit boozy. 7.5% ABV if you’re asking. This is one fall lager that won’t be blending into the shelve anytime soon.

Lagunitas Tuberfest is available for a limited time in 12 ounce bottles and draft.

Style: Oktoberfest
Hops: Idaho 7

Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Debut: September, 2016

7.5% ABV

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Lagunitas Doppel Sticky Hits One-Hitter Series

Lagunitas Doppel Sticky

Lagunitas Doppel Sticky joins the brewery’s One-Hitter Series this month. The One-Hitter lineup features a group of on-off beers by the Petaluma, California based brewery.

Lagunitas Doppel Sticky is brewed (close) to the double altbier style, a bit like Doppelsticke, you know by the German brewery Uerige. “Sticke” means secret in the German vernacular, as Uerige brews Doppelsticke just twice a year and doesn’t reveal the recipe.

This edition by Lagunitas is an imperial altibier, by best American brewer definition. Their description tells it best.

This fruity, estery double altbier is brewed in the traditional-ish style of the Doppelsticke, which is the widely known secret Germanic-esque strong ale. Like it’s California Common counterpart, we fermented this ale at a lower temperature to pull out the sulphur-y bite from the yeast, then dry-hopped it with some dank, Sticky hops, including some brand-spankin’-new Enigma hops from the great Down Under!

Lagunitas Doppel Sticky is available on draft, and 12 ounce bottle offering from September through October of this year.

Style: Altbier
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. One-time Brew (As of publishing)
Release: September, 2015

7.7% ABV, 66 IBUs