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21st Amendment’s Back in Black Arrives!!!

Black IPA IN A CAN!  Yeah, I know.  Awesome.  21st Amendment you’re pretty cool.  Shortly after 21st Amendment’s launch in Atlanta a new release has arrived.  A dark cousin to 21A’s (cool people way of referencing 21st Amendment) premiere IPA in a can “Brew Free or Die IPA” is “Back in Black.”

Back in Black more than a Black IPA, it”s historical! As the 21st describes –

“Inspired by Paul Revere’s midnight ride, we rebelled against the British style IPA, embraced the more aggressive American version and then recast it in bold, brave, defiant black. Our Black IPA is a Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of the expected.

“Back in Black is our newest year-round beer available now in six pack cans and on draft. Brewed like an American IPA but with the addition of rich, dark malts, this beer has all the flavor and hop character you expect with a smooth, mellow finish.”


Flavor Hops: Columbus, Centennial

Bittering Hops: Columbus

Dry Hops: Centennial, Simcoe.

Malts: Rahr Pale Malt, Crystal 45L, Munich, De-Bittered Black

Yeast: Ale

Taste Expectations: Dark Malts- chocolate & roasted.  Slight coffee if you dig.   Pine & grapefruit hops. Some bitter.  Again, it’s an IPA brewed with dark malts.

Availability – 12oz/6 pk CANS! and Draft.

7.2% ABV

Like Black IPA’s – Grab Stone Brewing’s Sublimely Self Righteous also.

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Stone’s Sublimely Self Righteous Returns!!

Sorry the updates have been a bit slow.  I’ve been helping with Atlanta Beer Week… (May 16th-22nd, 2010!)  Big News!

It’s coming back!!! The beer that (in some opinions) launched the highly unofficial “Black IPA” style is coming back!  This beer is Sublimely Self Righteous IPA by Stone Brewing Company.

So I don’t get my hardcore beer geek readers all stirred up here (settle down, you know who you are) black IPA’s are not an official style.   They are basically IPA’s with a twist – dark malts.  Close your eyes and smell a black IPA, it will smell just like an IPA.  Close your eyes and taste it.  It will take just like an IPA.  Initially that is.  Digging deeper with your taste buds you will discover the darker complexity caused by these malts.  It’s unique, delicious, and fairly rare.  Not many brewers are brewing them.

2007.  My first taste of Sublimely Self Righteous was when it was known by a different name – Stone’s 11th Anniversary Ale.   It was fantastic. It was delicious. It was a 1 time brew.  Upsetting to say the least.  As I have come to find, I wasn’t the only one upset that this beer would never grace my glass again.  Stone was apparently inundated with people complaining to this same end.

January 2009.  Resurrected from the single batch beyond, enter in Sublimely Self Righteous Ale. Stone’s 11th Anniversary incarnate.  Just as delightful as before.  Yet, in a flash – gone.  Small batch vs. popularity.  Luckily I bought a lot.

April-May 2010.  For the love of all things small batch your lips and tastebuds will see the liquid goodness of this ale once again! Slowly but surely finding it’s way to draft and soon – 22oz bottles.  Sublimely is brewed. Sublimely is capped.  Sublimely is on its way as you read this.

Ingredients –

Hops – Chinook (Bittering) Amarillo & Simcoe (Flavor and Dry Hop)

Malts – Not sure.  But Dark ones.  Tasty ones.

8.7% ABV

90 IBU’s

Availability – Small batch, annually. (When Stone feels like it dammit.) 22oz Bombers, Draft offerings.

Updates on tappings/ bottle sightings soon.  Follow @ATLBeerMaster on Twitter

Note: Perhaps for accuracy of the brew vs. style sake – brewers could consider calling Black IPA’s – India Black Ales?  Food (Beer) for thought…

Another Note: Like this? Try these other similiarly brewed libations available now – Terrapin’s Capt’n Krunkles, Beer Here’s Dark Hops, Victory’s Yakima Twilight