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Cigar City Hapax Legomenon, one of the brewery’s most unique

Cigar City Hapax Legomenon

Cigar City Hapax Legomenon is a future release by the Tampa, Florida brewery. The brewery already has a repertoire of unique beers, but this upcoming release is pushes the boundaries a bit.

Cigar City Hapax Legomenon begans as a Belgian-style tripel ale aged in gin barrels. After some barrel time, the brewery blended in some grapefruit sour ale. The result? A one of a kind addition to the brewery’s lineup.

Hapax Legomenon refers to a word or from that occurs only once in a document. And often, it is a word that you will only find one time in an author’s entire oeuvre. For example, Shakespeare used the word “satyr” exactly once in all of his writings. This beer began as a Belgian-style tripel aged in gin barrels. After some time in barrels, we blended in some American Grapefruit Sour Ale. When it’s all said  and done, we think we can safely say that this will be the only occurrence of a gin barrel-aged Belgian-style triple blend with an American grapefruit sour ale to be found in our oeuvre.

Cigar City Hapax Legomenon will be a 750 milliliter bottle release. The brewery tells Beer Street Journal they aren’t sure how much will be released at this time.

Style: American Wild/Sour Ale (w/ Grapefruit. Barrel Aged. Gin.)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: TBA


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Warsteiner Grapefruit arrives in April

Warsteiner Grapefruit

Warsteiner Grapefruit will be available in the United States on April 11th, 2016.

The beer is a 50/50 blend Warsteiner German Pilsner, and “grapefruit flavored” drink (whatever that is). The result a 2.5% alcohol by volume radler.

“WARSTEINER Grapefruit Special Edition is a refreshing and unique addition to the U.S. family of products,” said Laura Sprengard, brand manager for Warsteiner USA. “We’re excited to give our fans the premium pilsener they love with a hint of sweetness and a clean, citrus twist.”

Warsteiner Grapefruit is available in 11.2 ounce bottles and 16.9 ounce cans, for spring and summer.

Style: Radler (w/ Grapefruit)
Availability: 11.2oz Bottles, 16.9oz Cans
Release: April, 2016

2.5% ABV

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Starr Hill The Hook Grapefruit Session IPA debuts in May

Starr Hill The Hook Grapefruit Session IPA

Starr Hill The Hook Grapefruit Session IPA will debut in May, 2016. Part of an expanded 2016 seasonal release calendar.

The Charlottesville, Virginia based brewery loves their India pale ales, so when it came to spring and warmer weather, grapefruits and lower alcohol by volume became the way to go.

Real grapefruit zest compliments the bright citrus hop character and a sessionable body brings you back for more.

Starr Hill The Hook Grapefruit Session IPA will be available in 12 ounce bottles, and draft starting in May.

Style: IPA (w/ Grapefruit)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Release: May, 2016

4.9% ABV

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Wicked Weed Oaxacan released

Wicked Weed Oaxacan

Wicked Weed Oaxacan, an amber sour ale, has been released. The beer joins the brewery’s ongoing Canvas Series.

The creation of Wicked Weed Oaxacan starts as lighter bodied amber, soured using the brewery’s house mixed culture, then aged in organic Blue Agave Tequila barrels with grapefruit and lime zest.

Once the beer was ready, it was blended again with additional grapefruit.

Distribution of Wicked Weed Oaxacan started this week across the brewery’s territory. Available in 500 milliliter bottles.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Grapefruit, Lime Zest. Barrel Aged. Tequila)
Availability: 500ml bottles
Release: Late January, 2016

?? ABV

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Victory Blackboard Series Agave IPA launches Jan 1

Victory Blackboard Series Agave IPA

Victory Blackboard Series Agave IPA is not only a new beer, but also a new series from the Downingtown, Pennsylvania brewery.

Brewed with agave syrup, along with grapefruit juice, and most certainly bright, citrusy hops, this new IPA should be fun for your tongue. (Pardon the potentially dirty statement). The brewery confirms this new beer launches on January 1, 2016.

Fresh, crisp, and clean, this ale offers bold and refreshing flavors. Touched with agave syrup, and grapefruit juice, this brew boasts great hop aroma and light citric bite.

Victory Blackboard Series Agave IPA will be the first release the Blackboard Series in 2016, available until March. Then, Victory Dry-Hopped Brett Pils will follow in the series.

Style: IPA (w/ Agave, Grapefruit)
Availability: 12oz Bottles
Release: 1/1/16

7% ABV

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Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Gose, a first taste

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez bottle

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez will join the brewery’s year-round lineup in January, 2016.

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez is a goes-style offering; definitely departure from their library of hop forward beers. After 5 years of working to perfect this recipe, this final recipe features prickly pear cactus and grapefruit.

“We wanted to make one of the easiest drinking craft beers out there, and funny enough Otra Vez has been a bear to get just right,” said Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s founder. “We brewed several test batches a week for nearly a year, and even delicate changes made a big difference. Then it all clicked with perfect balance and complexity. We think folks will really enjoy it.”

Today we got to taste this beer a few weeks ahead of the launch. It’s crazy good. Sierra’s nearly 2 years of test batches show not only the breweries desire to get Otra Vez right, but to perfect the American version of the style. (Which means cactus and grapefruit in this case.) The taste is tart (with grapefruit overtones), while still being crisp. Touch of salt on the finish. A 6 pack won’t last you very long.

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez will be a draft,12 ounce bottle and can offering. Bottles first, cans by the end of January, 2016.

Style: Gose (w/ Cactus, Grapefruit.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, 12oz Cans, Draft. Year-round
Release: January, 2016

4.5% ABV

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