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VID: Beer Stimulus Bill Discussion on Fox & Friends

The “Beer Stimulus Bill” (H.R. 4278) was introduced last session of Congress, and was not acted on.  It will be introduced again this session.  Today, Nick Matt of FX Matt Brewing, Leslie Henderson of Lazy Magnolia Brewing, & Dan Kopman of Schlafly Brewing appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the bill benefits.

Talking Points:
– Beer is heavily taxed by the U.S. Government ( Excise tax pre-sale, Retail)
– Small brewing employs 1 person per 1,000 barrels. ( 1 per 50,000 barrels macro)
– Small brewing makes 5% of the beer, employes 50% of the people
– Small Brewing has created 100,000 jobs in last 25 years
– The Beer Stimulus Bill would create more industry jobs

I can’t embed video, check it out here —> watch?v=C6mrzBBdN1M&feature=player_detailpage