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Jester King Fair Voyage, a collaboration with Fair Isle Brewing

Jester King Fair Voyage

Jester King Fair Voyage, a collaboration with Seattle, Washington’s Fair Isle Brewing, debuts Friday.

The American wild ale is brewed with Washington fireweed. Don’t worry, we’ve never heard of it either. It’s a perennial herbaceous plant that produces a unique spiced flavor. In Alaska it’s used for jellies, candies and ice creams. The fireweed was dried, and added to the wort at the end of the boil.

Besides fireweed, the beer was fermented with a blend of both Jester King and Fair Isle native yeasts and bacterias in stainless steel.

Interesting fact. Andrew Pogue of Fair Isle Brewing used to live in Jester King’s hometown of Austin, Texas. He used to assist the brewery with carpentry, photography, and more. When it came time to open Fair Isle, Jester King accepted a small stake in the brewery in exchange for guidance and business advice.

Jester King Fair Voyage will be available by the glass and bottles starting Friday, March 3rd at 4 pm.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Fireweed)
Availability: Bottles, Draft.
Debut: 3/3/17

4.9% ABV

Image: Jester King