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Birreria Exclusive Pine Nut Brown Brew Day [Video]

Follow Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione as he brews a Birreria exclusive Pine Nut Brown with head brewer Brooks Carretta. Birreria is based in New York, NY.

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Eataly Pale Ale For The New Yorkers

SPECULATION:  Eataly Pale Ale by Dogfish Head Brewing is/will be one of the house beers for La Birreria, a part of Eataly in New York City.  La Birreria opens soon.  Check out the description from Eataly’s website:

La Birreria is a rooftop restaurant and brewery that will offer the highest quality beer and food under the stars and skyline. In collaboration with  Dogfish Head, Baladin and Del Borgo, we will be brewing unfiltered,unpasteurized and naturally carbonated Cask Ales just 30 ft from where you’ll sit, eat and drink. Each will be served through traditional hand pumps, at the perfect temperature, so you can enjoy our beers in the most natural and traditional way

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VID: Sam Calagione Talks About Birreria, Selling Out

Birreria, a part of Eataly opens in New York City in May.  It is the subject of the 6th and final episode of Brew Masters.  Sam Calagione was present at a media preview in NYC, talking about the opening and recent beer buisness developments.  <The Feast>

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Eataly is a new collaboration between 4 brewers – Teo Musso of Birrificio Le Baladin, Leonardo Di Vincenzo of Birra del Borgo, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head, and Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River.   Currently in progress, this brewery-pub also collaborates with well known chefs Mario Batali & Joe Bastianich.  This soon to be very popular establishment will have rooftop views of the Empire State Building, and The Flat Iron Building.   Eataly is also the subject of the 6th episode of Discovery Channel’s Brew Masters.

Today, Sam of Dogfish Head updated the foodies & beer peeps alike on his blog. There have been a few delays in the project, which Sam addresses –

Just got back from NYC for meetings with my homies at Eataly. This photo is of me, Nicola (he runs the joint) and Riva (she is running the brewpub build-out project on the roof for Mario and Joe).

Yes, the project is a bit behind schedule but its really starting to come to life which is really exciting to see. The construction crew is up there every day , the rooftop deck is in place, and the retractable roof that will go over it is part way done. Most exciting from this brewers perspective is the copper-clad brewing equipment will arrive and be put into place eight days from today. Then we will have a lot of work up there between equipment arriving and the opening. Floris, Jon, Bryan and I will spend a lot of time up there brewing and casking with Brooks and we are all hopeful for an early April opening. The firkins are on site. Stamped with the Eataly logo. The three beer engines we will serve every ounce of beer we make on that rooftop from are on route across the pound from the UK. Teo and Leo are getting reved up for some brew together during the grand opening. Mario and Joe are tweaking the menu and wine list.

Im very stoked for this project. Especially when I stand on that roof top deck and envision myself standing and roating in that very spot in a few months sipping a cask-conditioned pale ale brewed with Italian Thyme while reaching out with me free hand to hi-five the flat iron building in the foreground and the empire state building in the background.

But right now it is beer-thrity at Dogfish. At 4.30 on Fridays my co-workers & I stop what we are doing and meet in the Milton Tasting Room to have a beer together and chat about our week.

Its a tough job but somebody has to do it.

Happy weekend yall!

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