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Dry Dock Cascara Imperial Stout launches January 7th

Dry Dock Cascara Imperial Stout

Dry Dock Cascara Imperial Stout releases on January 7, 2016. This release is technically the last offering in there brewery’s 2015 Signature Series lineup.

Dry Dock Cascara Imperial Stout features the dried fruit of coffee berries known as cascara, to the strong stout. The brewery notes the addition adds flavors of leather, dark cherry and tobacco. Additionally, better orange peel is added during the brewing process.

“The notes of the Cascara blend well with the chocolate, vanilla, and marshmallow notes in the Imperial Stout,” says North Dock Head Brewer Alan Simons, who created this Signature Series beer. “In the tradition of a well-balanced cocktail, such as an Old Fashioned, we added some bitter orange peel to brighten the beer a touch. We used more than one pound per barrel of Cascara and a half pound per barrel of bitter orange peel.”

Dry Dock Cascara Imperial Stout will be available in 22 ounce bottles, and draft this month.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Bitter Orange Peel, Cascara. Barrel Aged. Whiskey.)
Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft. Limited.
Release: 1/7/16

10.1% ABV