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For First Time Ever, Disney’s Magic Kingdom Will Sell Beer

For the first time in Disney history, Magic Kingdom will serve alcohol. Be Our Guest Restaurant will open soon, and with it, beer and wine.

Why is this news? Walt Disney never wanted alcohol served in his parks. He never thought adult beverages belonged in his family themed parks. So much so, that after building the original in California he wanted to build a second one in St. Louis, Missouri. The city pressured him to sell Anheuser-Busch at the park if he built there, so Walt declined. Next stop, Orlando, Florida.

The restaurant will serve French & Belgian beer, (naming Kronenbourg 1664 by name). Step in the right direction? Or wrong? Especially when Walt Disney was so adamantly against it? One place selling alcohol opens the door for more to do so. It could start a domino effect in one of the last alcohol free places on earth. (Besides Utah.)