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Beer Street Journal Video: Heavy Seas Founder on Cans, Expansion & More

Beer Street Journal took a trip to Baltimore, Maryland a few weeks to meet with Hugh Sisson, founder of Heavy Seas Beer. 2013 promise to be a big year for the brewery. The Mutiny Fleet just got a major overhaul and is now dubbed Uncharted Waters, and will soon see release #3 – Holy Sheet!

Now shipping are cans for the first time in Heavy Seas history, starting off with Loose CANnon, the flagship IPA. You’ll note Hugh hints at a 4th can release this year… yet to be named.

As the demand for hops and Heavy Seas grows (35% this year!) , so is the brewery. By this time next year, a new brewhouse will be in place, raising fermentation capacity, a better bottling line, and more. What you see in the video above will be completely different this time next year.