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Wicked Weed Creates “World Cup” Beer Lineup

Wicked Weed Brewing (Asheville, NC) has created a new draft only line up for the world cup.

Starting the week of June 12th, head brewer Luke Dickinson will unveil weekly beers inspired by traditional ingredients or beer styles from countries around the world. One of the releases in a “Chicha Ale,” only the brewery isn’t going to chew the ingredients like Dogfish Head did on their tv show Brew Masters.

“I was inspired by the idea of the whole world coming together for one event,” said Luke. “The World Cup gives us a unique opportunity to showcase beer styles from around the world and celebrate them in an interesting way.”

The first beer in the lineup (below) taps at 4 pm on June 12th at the pub in Asheville, NC.

Week of June 12th:

Country of inspiration:  Brazil
Concept:  To create a Caipirinha inspired ale
Ingredients of interest:  Sugar cane rods and lime zest from 30 pounds of limes

Country of Inspiration:  France
Concept: A saison brewed with French hops, French yeast and French mushrooms, Chanterelles
Ingredients of interest:  French Aramis hops, French saison yeast, and Chanterelles sourced from France

Week of  June 19th:

Country of Inspiration:  Mexico
Concept:  A light, spicy beer brewed with cilantro.
Ingredients of interest:  Anaheim, Fresno and Habanero chilies, and cilantro.

Country of Inspiration:  Germany
Concept:  Traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen made with two uncommon German hops.
Ingredients of interest:  Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon hops and Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast

Country of Inspiration:  Australia
Concept:  A 7% ABV ale brewed with 5 types of New Zealand or Australian hops and Lemon Myrtle.
Ingredients of interest:  Orbit, Green Bullet, Wakatu, Pacific Gem and Pacific Jade hops and Lemon Myrtle.

Week of June 26th:

Country of Inspiration:  England
Concept:  An English bitter brewed with yeast brought back from Everards brewery in the UK when the Dickinson brothers brewed there last February.
Ingredients of interest:   East Kent Golding hops, Everards Brewery house strand of yeast and Maris Otter barley.

Country of inspiration:  Peru
Concept:   Wicked Weed’s take on the local alcohol Peruvian Chicha with numerous traditional spices.
Ingredients of interest:   Corn and barley base with spearmint, cinnamon, clove and lemon zest.

Country of Inspiration:  Ethiopia
Concept: Brew a beer based on Tej, a honey wine that originates in Ethiopia made with gesho root.
Ingredients of interest:   Gesho root and 300 pounds of Orange Blossom honey  and Wild Blossom honey.


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Dogfish Head Positive Contact Will Return in 2013

Dogfish Head Positive Contact

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (Milton, DE) will release another round of Positive Contact next year. The recent release is a cider/beer hybrid, loosly based on a witbier. This fusion is brewed with organic Fuji apple cider, fresh organic cilantro, and dried cayenne pepper.

Bottles were only released in a box set of 6/750mls, recipe pairings and a Dan The Automator record. Next year more bottles (outside of the box set?) and draft will appear- tentatively in March, 2013.

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Dogfish Head Positive Contact Drops 6/18

The above are bottles of Positive Contact on the line at Dogfish Head in Milton, Delaware.  The beer infusion is a collaboration between Deltron 3030′s Dan the Automator and Dogfish Head.  Deltron 3030 is a hip-hop collaboration between Dan and Del the Funkee Homosapien.

Positive Contact is a 9% ABV hybrid of beer and cider brewed with wood-pressed Fuji apples, roasted farro, a handful of cayenne peppers and fresh cilantro. Described as a “sweet-and-sour Belgian-ish brew”, light straw color with fruity, cider-like notes. Cayenne and alcohol give it a warming finish.

Positive Contact’s expected street date is 6/18/12

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Sneaky Peeky: Dogfish Head/Dan The Automator Positive Contact

Dogfish Head Positive ContactDogfish Head’s newest musical collaboration features Deltron 3030′s Dan the Automator to create a beer dubbed Postive Contact.  The beer is a fusion (much like the music) of apple cider & spice.

A positive combination of Fuji cider, slow-roasted farro, a bit of cayenne, and fresh cilantro.

Style: Herb/Spice Beer
Availability: 750 ml bottles, Draft

Arrival: TBA

9% ABV 

Check out the full story on Positive Contact