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8th Wonder Brewery, Food Trucks & Potentially College Degrees

8th Wonder Brewing is one of those 725 breweries “in planning” in the United States.  In April, the founders signed a lease in downtown Houston, and started going forward with their business plan.

Aaron Corsi & Alex Vassilakidis & Aaron Corsi are the founders of the brewery.  Vassilakidis is also the co-founder of the Eatsie Boys, a popular food truck in Houston.  The brewery and the food truck (soon to be 2, they are adding an ice cream truck too) will benefit each other greatly.  You’ll be able to get in line for food, or in line for a beer.

Corsi & Vassilakidis both have masters degrees, and Corsi is the professor at University of Houston.  He uses the brewery as a lab extension for his students, and is working on creating a brewing degree program.  The first in Texas.

The brewery space is 5,000 square feet, which will house a 20 barrel brew house.  Heady Brewing was the orignal name of the venture, abandoned for 8th Wonder after trademark questions.  [HoustonCultureMap]