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CASK ALERT! Highland 15th Anniversary

Highland Brewing out of Asheville, NC just celebrated its 15th Anniversary over the weekend.  In order to celebrate its 15 years of craft brewing, Highland has released 15th Anniversary Auld Ashville Vintage Ale.

15th Auld Asheville Vintage Ale is an Old Ale.  Old Ale is a style that refers to malty, dark beers that originally hail from England.  Old would refer to the ale being held by the brewery for a long period of time.  Typically, the English Old ales were in the 5% ABV neighborhood.  When they exceed 6%, the term “winter warmer” came into play.   American old ales seemingly push 9% ABV or higher.

Highland 15th Anniversary has a strong malt profile from British malts.  Brewed from a traditional British Ale yeast, 15th is bittered by Stryian Bobek hops hailing from Slovenia.  Sterling hops are added for a small spicy kick.

15th Anniversary Auld Asheville Vintage Ale will make its debut in Atlanta this Saturday (1/30/10) on cask at Brickstore Pub.  Tapping time???  TBA.

The ale is 9.5% ABV.

Brickstore Pub

125 East Court Square

Decatur, Ga 30030