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Heineken Launches “Indio” In Key Markets This Month

Heineken USA wills start rolling out Indio to select markets this month.  Indio, a dark beer, has been brewed in Mexico since 1893 specifically brought in to complete with Victoria that continues to roll out new draft and bottle accounts stateside.  Initial markets include San Diego, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, San Francisco to start.

The marketing push includes the “Indio” experience that the brewery calls a roadshow for retailers, and distributors.   The experience features live DJs and shows, “Spanglish” tutorials, and beer samplings.

Per a recent press release: “Indio will focus on Hispanicmen 21-26 years old who are constantly in search for brands that understand their need to express their identity by creatively fusing urban and Latino cultures. Indio will launch a platform through which this expression can be shared among consumers.”

Indio was orginally named Cuauhtemoc, then renamed to Indio in 1905.  Below are images from one of the Indio experiences.

The outside of the experience, with dramatic lit trees and & mystic music.

And this guy.  I think he actually stabbed someone