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Iron City Lager 2012

Iron City Lager 2012

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Iron City Brewing Now Pittsburgh Brewing Co

The name change is official – Iron City Brewing is now Pittsburgh Brewing Company.  The brewery announced on Facebook today that they have switched over to the new name, logo, etc. 

Iron City Brewing was started back in 1861 by a young German immigrant named Edward Frauenheim.  The steel industry in Pittsburgh has propelled the success of the brewery since then.  They will continue to produce their regular beers including two of their most popular, Iron City and IC Light.

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Iron City’s New Front Lady Amber

Iron City, made by Pittsburgh Brewing Company, has a new lady.  Amber (Lager) looks to be an entirely new beer for the Iron City line.  2011 marks the 150th year for the brewing company.  It mentioned earlier in they year that they were updating some recipes, trying a few new things, and bring back some old favorites.

Handcrafted with the finest Bavarian hops and two-row malted barley.

Style: Amber lager
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft.

?? ABV

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Unofficially, The Official Beer Of The United States Of America

Iron City Brewing mentioned on their website that they are currently working/tweaking some old recipes to resurface soon.  American – A pale lager is one of this brands to hit shelves again after a small hiatus.By the looks of it, American was last seen around 2008-2009. This year, the cans get a bit of an artwork update.

Other brands currently being re-worked include:  American, American Light, Augustiner, J.J. Wainwrights, Penn’s NA, Old German, & Olde Frothingslosh.

It was just announced last month that a private equity firm,Uni-World Capital purchased Iron City Brewing

Style: American Pale Lager

5% ABV


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Iron City Brewing Purchased

More beer business.  Uni-World Capital, L.P. an equity firm has acquired Iron City Brewing Company.  From the looks of it, it’s an ownership change.  Nothing else.

PITTSBURGH, PA (April 6, 2011) – Uni-World Capital, L.P., a private equity firm, has acquired the brands and assets related to the beer business of the Iron City Brewing Company. The brewery’s headquarters will remain in Pittsburgh and beer production will continue in Latrobe, Penn. The purchase is entirely funded by equity capital from Uni-World and its affiliates. Edwin R. Lozano, 43, will serve as the new president and chief executive officer of Iron City Brewing Co. Tim Hickman, president since 2007, will be retained as a consultant during the transition period.

“Iron City Brewing Company’s rich heritage, diverse product portfolio and strong reputation as a high-quality Pittsburgh beer resonated with our team,” said Christopher P. Fuller, managing partner, Uni-World Capital. “This transaction is about restoring the brewery’s legacy and to drive future growth, and we intend to reinvest future cash flows back into the business. Our new management team, led by Ed Lozano, brings extensive beer and beverage industry experience, and a commitment to keeping the business in Pittsburgh.”

Lozano brings 15 years of extensive sales, marketing and operations experience to the position. Most recently he spent seven years with PepsiCo International as Director of Foodservice. In this role Lozano led a global sales organization spanning 190 countries, which represented more than $3 billion in retail sales. Before joining PepsiCo, Lozano spent six years with the Miller Brewing Co. where he led a sales team in New York City, built brands in the United States and drove growth in international regions from Asia Pacific to Latin America. Lozano was the youngest Director in the International Division and was responsible for dramatic share gains in Asia Pacific and a turnaround in Latin America. Prior to Miller he spent two years with the Coca-Cola Company.

“Iron City Brewing Company’s portfolio of brands are icons in Western Pennsylvania and beyond,” said Lozano. “My priorities are to concentrate on the core brands, Iron City and IC Light; to better support our wholesalers and to aggressively grow the business. Part of that growth means a personal commitment to adding jobs in Pittsburgh. I’m honored to be at the helm of a business that’s a Pittsburgh institution. I firmly believe Iron City has tremendous potential, and I look forward to helping write the next chapter in the brewery’s history.”

About Uni-World Capital, L.P.

Uni-World Capital, L.P. is a private equity firm focused on making leveraged buyout and growth equity investments in lower-middle market companies. We seek to partner with management teams where we can leverage our team’s collective business experience, corporate relationships and strategic and financial expertise in order to help enhance a company’s strategic positioning and drive profitable growth. More information can be found at

About Iron City Brewing Company

ICB’s brands are iconic in the Western Pennsylvania region, and its core products, Iron City Beer, IC Light, and Augustiner Amber Lager, enjoy a loyal following around the world, wherever “Pittsburgh Nation” beer drinkers congregate. During the brewery’s 150-year history it has introduced many innovations, including the twist-off cap and the snap top can, and in 1976, Iron City Brewing was the first brewery in the United States to produce a light beer.

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