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RUMOR: Terrapin/Left Hand Midnight Project #4

Terrapin & Left Hand Brewing are already talking about the 4 edition of their Midnight Project collaboration series.  The series, started in 2008 – was purported to have been born out of a late night chat at the Brick Store Pub in Decatur, GA.  3 beers have been made since that infamous chat – Terra -rye’Zd, Depth Charge, and Oxymoron.

Beer #4 will is tentatively scheduled to be brewed in July 2011.  This edition is brewed at Terrapin this year, with peaches are being discussed as the ingredient of choice.  Name? While not set in stone, “Fuzzy Wuzzy” is a potential.

Still all the the planning stage & subject to change.  Midnight Sessions #4 is planned for a Fall, 2011 arrival.

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UNCONFIRMED: Terrapin Indiana Krunkles Coming Soon

Not much known about this beer yet.   Sounds like it is going to a “wheat IPA.”    Due out in June.  With a name like Krunkles, sounds like this beer is headed for the Side Project  Series.

Still most likely in the planning stages, and the name itself is unconfirmed.  Let’s just say the info came from a very reliable source…


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Heavy Seas With Big Announcement Friday

Heavy Seas Brewing (Baltimore, MD) tweeted today they they are going to unveil something that no other brewery has, or has every done, tomorrow at 12pm.  Obviously that raises an eyebrow.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow…

Rumor Mill (From friends or Twitter) – Beer swimming pool, beer slip and slide, chocolate river, laser tag, beer bungee, boat go-karts.  A rocket ship. Anti gravity.  The cure for a hangover.  A lion (for security purposes).  A cannon.  The pirate ship from Goonies. (With Sloth?)

The Tweet —>

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Sierra Nevada/Dogfish Life & Limb #2

I’ve dug up enough on this to where it warrants a post about it.  It is starting to seem that the Sierra Nevada/Dogfish Head collaboration “Life & Limb” might make a secondary appearance in 2011.  Or something like it.

Life & Limb was an American strong ale released in late 2009.  The beer was the brainchild of Sam Calgione & Ken Grossman.  It was intended to be a one time release and a candidate for extended cellaring.  Getting back to the rumor, I have been looking into Sierra Nevada’s 2011 plans and there are 3 big things brewing (pun intended). First, Hoptimum – and imperial IPA that is about a week away from shelves.  Secondly, the Abbey Series collaboration.  Another biggie – Life & Limb.  Either a re-release OR a second edition.  Signs right now point to a 2nd edition, maybe different than the first.

{UPDATE} – Dogfish did have this to say on Twitter! Get excited folks!

@ATLBeerMaster yes – we are talking with @SierraNevada about another batch of Life & Limb in 2011

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Discovery’s Brew Masters

UPDATE: 11/1/11.  Show has been dropped by Discovery Channel.   6th Episode has yet to air. 


I just received a call from Network Communications Spokesperson at The Discovery Channel:  [Discovery Channel] is working on completing the final episode #6 of Brew Masters.  It will be airing by early spring.  They have NOT cancelled the show.  Brew Masters was slated for an initial 6 episode run.  Once the 6 are completed, Discovery Channel & Dogfish Head will evaluate the response and future direction.

3:20 pm: Washington Post article indicates show was a 6 episode run.  The article concludes mentioning a delay in finishing episode 6, & an uncertain future.  Article link —> Article quote: “Also yet to be decided: Whether the Discovery Channel will film additional episodes of “Brew Masters.” “Our production and development people are keeping all options open,” Weinberg said.”

3:10 pm: Found this tweet from Dec 24

3:00 pm: Made calls to Discovery Channels Media/Public Relations line.  Only voicemail. No one picks up the phone at Dogfish Head…

2:30 pm – Ok.  So much for trying to be an attentive blogger.  I think I stepped into a wasp’s nest on this one.  A friend in Delaware gathered this info at the brewpub that Brew Masters is basically done.   I found another article just now that mentions the same info —> The Discovery Channel maintains there is more content in progress.

So… sorry for any alarm. I can’t find anymore info yet.  Time will tell.

1:45pm – UPDATE: The Discovery Channel just sent me a message that they are currently working on show content.  Vague, not sure what that means… but seems like cancelled is too hasty.  We’ll see.  (Special thanks to @HopMonkey too)

12:50pm – A friend close to Dogfish Head just told me that Brew Masters is no more. Or at least that is the rumor.

It’s been weeks since the last episode, and people were starting to wonder whats up.   Apparently – nothing.  The Discovery Channel website has no mention of the show discontinuing, and The Dogfish Blog has no mention of the state of affairs right now.  I hope the rumor is false.  But… since we haven’t seen an episode in weeks, seems plausible.

More to follow …

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Flying Fish Headed for Georgia?

A twitter friend @SquirrelStash tipped me off to this.  It looks like Flying Fish Brewing (Cherry Hill, NJ) is headed to Georgia.  Details on Flying Fish’s webpage divulge that Georgia is on the New Jersey based breweries radar.  Great news to be sure, however seems like they may have to change their approach when it comes to Georgia.

On their website, Flying Fish mentions that they are working with Total Wine & More to bring their beer to other states.   In Georgia, all beer must come through a distributor. Also, stores can not have exclusivity rights to one brand/brewery.  So… Flying Fish would have to be available for purchase by Hop City/Tower/Greens etc  to fall within state law.

Now, I would love to have more breweries to choose from of course.  I just reached out to Flying Fish for get some information- but they have not returned the phone call yet… More to follow –

Website –>

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RUMOR: Cigar City Brewing Headed for Georgia

Let me reiterate again before you read any further, this is still rumor.  There has been no official statement by the brewery in this regard.

Today on Twitter, a conversation emerged in about the Tampa, Florida brewer Cigar City being spotted on an Atlanta shelf.  In the end, it was just an unconfirmed rumor, but it DID manage to get the attention of the brewery in which it issued a tweet in response:

@CigarCityBeer –  However it got there…it should be a moot point fairly soon.

Take that for what it’s worth, but it seems like we could see the much sought after beers of Cigar City soon…