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Still the Best Beer Commercial Ever [VIDEO]

It’s Monday morning after a long weekend. You might need a little inspiration to kickstart the week.

This beer commercial has been floating around the internet for a little while now, but in our opinion, it’s still one of the best. The Chase, is for a Carlton Draught, an Australian beer company.

To top off its awesomeness, the whole bit is set to an 80’s style track. Don’t worry. 5 o’clock is coming soon…

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WATCH: Golden Road Brewing’s Amazing Rap Video

This is nothing short of YouTube/craft brewing gold.  Golden Road Brewing’s Meg Gil and company spoof’s Atlanta rapper Ludacris “Area Codes” with this awesome musical nugget. Since area code beers are big thing, (re: Southern Tier’s 215, Goose Island’s 312, Firstone Walker’s 805) this video is even more brilliant. 

It’s damn well done too.

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Watch: Killer Mike & El-P “Run the Jewels” At Goose Island

Last summer, Atlanta’s Killer Mike & El P teamed up to create “Run the Jewels” with Goose Island. The Belgian-style wheat beer was only available at the Pitchfork Music Festival.  (See the Beer Street Journal video below with Killer Mike.)

The duo recently took the stage again at Goose Island’s Analog Migration event. Kick Monday into high gear and watch this…

Goose Island Visits Killer Mike’s Barber Shop from on Vimeo.

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Use This To Figure Out Your Craft Beer Name

Can’t find the source of this graphic, but you might find it useful.

Just like figuring out your stripper name (I’ve been told first pet’s name, mother’s maiden name), you too can figure your your craft beer name. It’s Friday. Have fun with it.

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Then This Happened at Westbrook Brewing

Sound on please.

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The World of Oskar Blues Cans [VIDEO]

If you have paid any attention to the brewing industry over the past couple of years, you’ve noticed a trend. The evolution of beer in cans. No longer for light beer anymore.

Oskar Blues is one of the first craft breweries to embrace cans, and to this day have still yet to bottle. Founder Dale Katechis and marketing director Chad Melis, take you on an inside look at Oskar Blues, and the rise of cans.