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Middlebury, Vermont

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Woodchuck Introduces “Out on a Limb” Rotating 6 Pack

Woodchuck Chocolate Raspberry

Woodchuck Hard Cider (Middlebury, VT) is introducing a new rotating six pack, Out on a Limb.

The package art will remain the same through the year, but the liquid will change every couple of months. The first release is Woodchuck Chocolate Raspberry, a cider infused with cacao nibs and raspberries that offset the apple notes.

“As the leading craft cider in the country we take pride in pushing the boundaries of what is being done in the category and living ‘out on a limb’,” said Woodchuck Communications Manager, Nate Formalarie. “Truly unique ciders are crafted at Woodchuck’s cidery each day.  All of these ciders are handcrafted with creative artistry.  Out on a Limb represents those that we think the world is ready for.”

Woodchuck Out on a Limb six packs will have an estimated retail price of $10.99. Look for them to launch in October, 2014.

Style: Cider (w/ Cocoa Nibs, Raspberries)
Availability: 12oz bottles. Rotating release

?? ABV

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Woodchuck Releases Cellar Series Ginger

Woodchuck’s Cellar Series has a new entry – Ginger. (The spice, not the one marooned on an island.)

The cidery used organic yellow ginger from a farm in Peru. The ginger come from a farm called La Grama, and is grown, harvest, and packaged in the Peruvian rainforest.

Woodchuck Cellar Series Ginger will be available in 22oz bombers now through July, 2014.

Style: Cider (w/ Ginger)
Availability: 22oz Bombers. June-July, 2014

?? ABV

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Woodchuck Releases Smoked Cider

Woodchuck Hard Cider has just shipped their latest offering, Woodchuck Cellar Series Smoked Apple.  This is the second release in the Cellar Series.

This edition is a bit of a collaboration with local business Vermont Smoke and Cure. Woodchuck cider maker John Matson filled their custom smokehouse with apple pomace (the pulpy residue left behind after the apples are press for juice). The pomace was smoked with maple and applewood chips, then brought back to the cidery.

The resulting flavor is described as having “strong crisp apple notes with hints of vanilla are balanced on an applewood smoked backdrop.  A well-balanced, limited run cider that is perfect for the cooler days ahead.” Available in 22oz bottles only for a limited time. ERP $4.99

Style: Cider (Smoked)
Availability: 22oz bombers. Limited Release.

6.5% ABV

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Woodchuck Raises The Cider House [VIDEO]

Woodchuck, one of America’s largest cidermakers, is building a new cidery that will open in Spring, 2014. Take a look at some of the progress.

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Woodchuck Introduces New Cider Series

Woodchuck Hard Cider has just introduced a new “Cellar Series.” Basically, each offering is an opportunity for the cider makers to experiment. First up – Woodchuck Cellar Series Dry Hop.  On shelves now.

Style: Cider
Availability: 22oz bombers. Limited release.


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Woodchuck Cider Starts Building New $30 Mil Facility [PIC]

Woodchuck Hard Cider has commenced construction on a new state-of-the-art cidery in Middlebury, Vermont. The new location is about a mile from the current spot, and will provide 100,000 square feet of production, warehouse, and office space.

“This is a new chapter for Woodchuck,” said President and CEO Bret Williams.  “Hard cider in the United States is growing in popularity and this new cidery represents a brick and mortar commitment to continue to grow the cider category from Vermont.  It’s an exciting step forward at this crucial time in our history.”

The cost of the location is in the neighborhood of $30 million, to be completed the Spring of 2014.  The 62,000 square foot current facility will remain online.