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Wicked Weed Barrel Aged Milk & Cookies release cancelled

Wicked Weed Bourbon Barrel Aged Milk & Cookies RIP

Wicked Weed Barrel Aged Milk & Cookies will not debut this year. The brewery has deemed the final blend isn’t up to the brewery’s standards. Sometimes barrels just don’t cooperate. The brewery has this to say:

It is with heavy hearts that we must say goodbye to 2016’s Barrel-Aged Milk and Cookies. After blending, BA Milk and Cookies just didn’t end up being the beer we hoped it would be. As such, we have decided to not release this years’ batch into distribution.

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Last December, the Asheville, North Carolina based brewery released Milk & Cookies, an imperial milk stout brewed with cinnamon, vanilla, and golden raisins. A comfort beer, if you will. As you can imagine, that beer sold out pretty fast.

Wicked Weed Barrel Aged Milk & Cookies Imperial Milk Stout takes last year’s fireside beer a bit further, by barrel-aging this dessert beer in bourbon barrels. All you lack in a fire, and many leather-bound books.

Crafting the ultimate comfort beer was a winter challenge we happily embraced. Our Milk & Cookies Stout is a cold weather classic, and this version cranks up the comfort through barrel aging. We entrusted our Imperial Milk Stout with golden raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla into the warming embrace of Kentucky Bourbon Barrels to carry us home for the holidays. Relax. Drink Up. You’re home.

Wicked Weed Barrel Aged Milk & Cookies Imperial Milk Stout is a 12.7 ounce bottle offering.

Style: Imperial Milk Stout (w/ Cinnamon, Vanilla, Golden Raisins, Lactose. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 12.7oz bottles
Release: Mid-December, 2016

9.5% ABV

Image: Wicked Weed Brewing

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Wicked Weed Hop Cocoa, with French Broad Chocolate

Wicked Weed Hop Cocoa

Wicked Weed Hop Cocoa is on deck from the Asheville, North Carolina based brewery.

The base beer is a porter, brewed with Dutch cocoa powder, and chocolate from local (pretty much across the street) French Broad Chocolates. The resulting beer is one Wicked Weed calls “silky smooth.”

While versions of this beer have appeared in the past, Wicked Weed tells Beer Street Journal that this recipe has never been offered before.

We crafted Hop Cocoa Brown to be a smooth porter that packs a potent chocolate punch into every sip. Authentic Dutch cocoa powder combines with robust, dark cocoa nibs from our neighbors at French Broad Chocolate Lounge to create a silky smooth balance with our heavy handed hopping process. This dark beauty is a comforting companion at the end or beginning, of any day! (Marshmallows not included.)

Wicked Weed Hop Cocoa will be a 12 ounce bottle release. The brewery has not yet announced this beer.

Style: Porter (w/ Chocolate)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft.
Debut: Late November, 2016

6.5% ABV


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Wicked Weed Napoleon Complex to be canned in 2017

Wicked Weed Napoleon Complex cans

Wicked Weed Napoleon Complex is a year-round offering by the Asheville, North Carolina based brewery. A pale ale with a big complex.

Wicked Weed Napoleon Complex departs from the standard pale ale, by taking a 5.2% alcohol by volume pale ale, and upping the hop bill. A small pale ale with a BIG hop presence. The beer has been available on draft for a little while before getting the nod for bottles.

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In 2017, Napoleon Complex will be a part of the brewery’s expanded can lineup. Wicked Weed dabbled in cans with a handful of brewpub only cans. Next year, at least four of the brewery’s offerings will be canned and distributed.

Napoleon Complex is a small-statured pale ale with a larger-than-life attitude. Ignoring the industry standard of diminutive hop presence and mild manner, this pale ale will have most IPA’s contemplating their inadequacy. Little beer, big flavor, even bigger ego.

Wicked Weed Napoleon Complex is a bottle and draft offering. Expect cans in early 2017.

Style: Pale Ale
Availability: 11.2oz bottles, Draft. Year-round.
Release (Bottles & Draft): Late-January, 2016
Can Debut: 2017

5.2% ABV

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Wicked Weed Brewing brings cans into full production in 2017

Asheville, North Carolina’s Wicked Weed Brewing’s cans will go into full production in 2017.

The brewery has canned in a small scale this year, with the release of a “Pub Series” of cans that have included French Toast Imperial Stout. In 2017, the brewery will put cans into full production.

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Releases will include Lunatic Blonde Ale, Napoleon Complex Pale Ale, Tropicmost Gose, and Lieutenant Dank India Pale Ale.

Until now, Lieutenant Dank hasn’t been packaged.

Hunting, Decending, and demolishing Lieutenant Dank patrolled the galaxy to eradicate the creators, who scoured the cosmos for new worlds to cultivate. Merciless, Lieutenant Dank rained hellfire onto their constant construction. Relentless through obsession, lieutenant Dank pursued the Creators, plunging their glowing dreads in the blackness of an exploded star.

An exact date has not been announced, but expect 12 ounce/6 pack of cans to hit the market in early 2017.


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Wicked Weed Red Atrial, a Jester King collaboration sells out

Wicked Weed Red Atrial

Wicked Weed Red Atrial sounds like a legendary collaboration. It’s took about an hour to sell out.

Jester King Atrial Rubicite is one of the brewery’s most sought after fruited sour ales. Jester King adds Washington raspberries to the oak matured sour beer, and allowed to re-ferment to boast dryness.

Wicked Weed Red Angel is a red sour ale – the red coming from 1.5 pounds of raspberries per gallon. Easily one of the best in the series.

Wicked Weed Red Atrial is a 50/50 blend of Red Angel and Atrial Rubicite, taken a step further. Each brewery independently aged their base beer on 5 pounds per gallon of raspberries, then combined the two beers onto 4 pounds per gallon of fresh raspberries to re-ferment in puncheons for an additional two months.

Blenders and cellarmen from Wicked Weed and Jester King were tasting their most prestigious raspberry sour ales side by side, and the inevitable idea of a blend quickly emerged. Red Angel was combined in a snifter with Atrial Rubicite and the stunned silence of each taster confirm that this is a beer to bring to the people. This combination is more than the sum of its beautiful parts. Experience raspberry sour alchemy in Red Atrial.

Wicked Weed Red Atrial was a 500 milliliter bottle release, available at the Funkatorium in Asheville on November 26th.

Style: American Sour/Wild Ale (w/ Raspberries. Oak Aged)
Availability: 500ml Bottles

Debut: 11/26/16

6.4% ABV


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Wicked Weed Tyrant, a Boozy Follow Up to Tyranny returns

Wicked Weed Tyrant

First there was Tyranny. Not long after – Wicked Weed Tyrant, the imperial edition in the hoppy series.

Wicked Weed Tyrant is a double “red” imperial pale ale, much like its red predecessor. Walt & Luke Dickinson, brewers as Wicked Weed refers to this beer as having “candied hop” flavor.

Tyrant: The rule of Tyrant is unrelenting and uncompromising, fitting for the Double India Pale Ale with its iron fist of dankness and scepter of scarlet malt dominion. Its deluge of hops and malt will instill trepidation in even the bravest of craft warriors. All yield to the Tyrant.

Wicked Weed Tyrant is a 500 milliliter offering, now available once again in November, 2016. Full distribution across the brewery’s network.

Style: Imperial IPA
Availability: 500ml Bottles
Latest Return: November, 2016

8.5% ABV

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Wicked Weed Dark Age, a 12% monster rears its head again

Wicked Weed Dark Age bottles

Wicked Weed Dark Age is a big barrel-aged offering from the Asheville, North Carolina brewery. Early 2016 saw the first bottles for this monster, and incidentally, this beer geek pleasing stout was one of the first beers released at WIcked’s downtown brewpub.

There have been a lot of wild and funky beers hitting the market from Wicked Weed lately. This release is a bit of a break from the funk. Dark Age is a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout. It’s big – 12.7% alcohol by volume.

Humanity’s path out of the Dark Age is one without end. This path carries us away from the mystical to the measurable, from the magical to the mathematical, and is a meticulous tale of progress from madness to method. Yet, we still find wonder in the Magic, and the extraordinary potential in the Mystery. Out of this yearning for the old ways, Dark Age Imperial Stout emerges from the whisky barrel, it’s dark malt complexity and bold, yet balanced, sweetness, softened by its mystical evolution in oak.

Wicked Weed Dark Age is a 12.7 ounce bottle offering. Hitting shelves across the brewery’s entire market now.

Style: Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 500ml Bottles
Latest Return: November, 2016

12.7% ABV

Image via Wicked Weed