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Tommyknocker Opens Beer Bar in Finland

Tommyknocker Brewery (Idaho Springs, CO) has partnered with Finnish investor group Captol Invest to launch The Tommyknocker Craft Beer Bar in Helsinki, Finland. The grand opening was in March.

“It’s fun for a little Idaho Springs brewery to do something global,” said Indrehus. “I think part of the draw for them is our distinctive Colorado mountain town image and drinkable American-style products.”

The project was started more than two years ago, when Tommyknocker and Capital Invest began putting together a business model. The first weeks after opening have been so successful that another location is being discussed. Potentially one on a cruise ship.

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Tommyknocker Creates A Legend

Tommyknocker Legend

Tommyknocker Brewery  (Idaho Springs, CO) goes big with Legend, a full bodied brown ale.

From the brewers at Tommyknocker Brewery, we proudly present LEGEND.This Olde Oaked Brown Ale celebrates years of award-winning quality craftsmanship. Specially brewed and aged with toasted Hungarian Oak – once the most sought after wood used to build spectacular ships. A generous addition of Crystal, Munich and Chocolate malts, accentuated by a touch of pure maple syrup create a  full-bodied beverage of epic stature, while a carefully selected blend of American hops rounds out the finishing malt sweetness. Notes of spiced vanilla and toasted oak, as well as hints of smoky biscuit harmonize with layers of black in pepper and lingering coffee bean.The aroma, flavor and sensual.

Style: Brown Ale (w/ Maple Syrup, Oak Aged)
Availability: 16.9 oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

10% ABV

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A Gourd For Tommyknocker



Tommyknocker Brewing looks to be adding a pumpkin ale to their lineup.  Small Patch Pumpkin Harvest Ale debuts soon This pumpkin brew (seasonal?) would join Tundraberry & Cocoa Porter.  No mention of the use of real pumpkin, the label simply states “ale brewed with natural flavors, with natural flavors added.”


Style: Pumpkin Beer

Availability: 12oz bottles, draft.

Arrival: Late Summer, Early Fall 2011. (Speculation)

5% ABV, 15 IBUs

Other Tommy News:  2011 is Tommyknocker’s 17th year of brewing.  This summer they expanded the brewpub in Idaho Springs, and gave their artwork a facelift…

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Tommyknocker Freshens It Up

Tommyknocker Brewing (Idaho Springs, CO) is abandoning the cartoon based labels they have had for years for a new look.  The new artwork stil features the miner based characters, but with a more earthy/organic look.   The first 3 products receiving the updated look are Butthead Bock, Pickaxe IPA, & Alpine Pilsner.  Also, the new labels will have a QR code on the label for scanning with a smartphone

Tommyknocker Brewing is about 25 miles south of Denver, Colorado.  The brewery is built inside an old inn built in 1859 that was the site of some of the first gold strikes in the United States.

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NEW RELEASE: Tommyknocker Hop Strike!

Tommyknocker Brewing (Idaho Springs, CO) brewed this beer to celebrate our neighbor Alabama finally getting to join the 21st century of beer drinking.  It’s been 1 year since the passage of  “Free The Hops” a bill Georgia passed in 2004 allowing higher gravity (gourmet) beers to enter the state.  In Alabama this allowed beers higher than 6%, with the ceiling of 14% abv.  This is the first time that Tommyknocker designed a beer from start to finish for a single cause.

From Brewmaster Steve Indrehus:
“The beer’s release co-insides with the one year anniversary of the passing of the Gourmet Beer Bill, the Fourth Annual Magic City Brewfest, and the First Annual Alabama Beer Week,” says Steve Indrehus, head brewmaster at Tommyknocker, “This brew is a tribute to all of Alabama’s craft beer retailers and consumers that have supported our small little mountain town brewery.”  The beer is described as “characterized by an intermingling of spicy citrus hops and chocolate nose,” and comes in at a hefty 7% ABV and 78 IBUs. It uses 4 different varieties of grains as well 5 different types of hops and is just one of many great examples of craft beer that are now available across the state of Alabama.

Style: Rye Beer
Hops: Chinook, Newport, Glacier, Nugget and Summit.  Dry hopped w/ 40 lbs of hops.
Malts: Idaho Pale Malt, European Crystal, Chocolate malt and Chocolate rye

Taste Expectations: Lots of piney/Citrus/floral hops.  Rye in flavor. Chocolate malts, roasty, sweet malts. Rye vs. IPA the showdown.

Availability: 22oz bombers

7% ABV

95 IBU’s