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Swamp Head’s Bourbon Scotch Newbie

Swamp Head Peat Dunwoody's Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

Swamp Head Brewery (Gainesville, FL) unmasks an elusive Scottish character that lives in a Florida swamp. That’s the fella above- Peat Dunwoody. This upcoming release is a smokey wee heavy scotch ale (boozy) aged in 20 year old bourbon barrels.

Caramel, vanilla, and wood combine flavors in the 10.6% ABV release. Release date to follow

Style: Scotch Ale (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

10.6% ABV

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The Love Of Stouts & Sex Brings Catherine’s Passion

Swamp Head Brewery (Gainesville, FL) has taken a little Russian inspiration for this upcoming imperial stout. 18th Century pretty lady Catherine II is said to have been the muse for the invention of the Russian Imperial Stout, due to her love of deep, roasty beers. She apparently was quite sexually hungry too. Are imperial stouts an aphrodisiac? I wonder if she has a 21st century sister. I’d love to meet her. Catherine’s Passion has fair trade coffee and cocoa nibs added for extra sexiness.

Catherine II, the 18th century Empress of Russia, is said to have been the Inspiration behind the creation of the Imperial Russian – Stout, an intensely flavored, robust, dark ale with a noticeable alcohol – presence. Legend has it that Catherine also had a voracious sexual appetite; she was known to have many lovers, but the story about the stallion was probably a myth. We infused our Imperial Russian Stout with cocoa nibs and fair trade coffee, to create a sensual stout with an extra kick. We think Catherine’s Passion would be aroused by this stout…ale.

Style: Russian Imperial Stout (w/ Coffee, Cocoa Nibs)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: TBA

10% ABV

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Swamp Head Dark Water Hitting Bottles

Swamp Head Dark Water

Look who’s coming to bottles. Swamp Head Brewery, Gainesville’s premiere swamp themed beer wonderland, is putting Dark Water in bottles. The black IPA gets it’s dark malty flavor from chocolate wheat malt, giving the beer

Similar to a Black IPA, Darkwater boasts a bright, fresh hop profile that rests alongside a rich, dark chocolate malt profile. The flavors swirl and flow together to brin gyou a satisfying glass of hoppy dark water to take in with good friends. 

Style: Black IPA
Availability: Draft, 750ml bottles (New)
Arrival: TBA (Bottles)

6.8% ABV

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Swamp Head Saison Du Swamp with a Funky Twist

Swamp Head Brewery’s (Gainesville, FL) Saison du Swamp is among the brewery’s most well known releases. As Swamp Head gears up for a 2013 release, you might be surprised to see a version with a funky twist. The infamous, funky, “Brett” yeast.

Our coveted saison starts off with a traditional Saison yeast, giving it aromas of pepper and white fruits and a lingering finish with a hint of floral hops. 
To weave some funk into this already tangled tapestry of flavors, we decided to introduce Brettanomyces Bruxellensis.   
This wild yeast strain know at “brett” has thrown a pleasant earthy barnyard funk. You will also find a refreshingly dry finish with a soft residual sweetness left behind by the orange blossom honey in the funky and new version of an old Swamp Head Classic.

Style: Saison (w/ Orange Blossom Honey, Spices)
Availability: 750 ml Bottles
Arrival: TBA

7% ABV 

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Swamp Head Announces Lineup In Cans

Coming this summer – Swamp Head in cans. The brewery is poised to release the 12oz cans in the tap room first, then roll them out to the local market shortly after.

Update: After touching base with brewery, they would like to launch all five at the same time. Production will dictate that schedule soon.

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Cigar City Releases Barrel Aged “Church”

Cigar City has just released a barrel aged edition of their recent collaboration with Swamp Head Brewery. Each Florida based brewhouse created a barleywine. Cigar City’s was/is an English barleywine, of which they saved some for cognac barrels.  (Originally named Churchill.) Swamp Head has an American barleywine currently resting in barrels tooRoosevelt. No release date on that one.

Style: Barleywine (Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: 7/6/12, 11 am. Brewery release, $20

10% ABV

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Swamp Head Fills Wine Barrels With Saison [Pic]

Swamp Head continues with the barrel aging news this week with this reveal. Today, the brewers filled wine barrels the previously held Grenache in Napa Valley, California.  Grenache grapes are among the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world.  Saison Noir is now in the barrels, where it will sit until deemed worthy.  Future Release

Style: Saison (Barrel Aged)