Starcut Ciders

Bellaire, Michigan

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Short’s Brewing Introduces Starcut Cider Division

Short’s Brewing Company (Bellaire, MI) has announced a new division of their company – Starcut Ciders. The pressed hard ciders are designed to showcase the beauty and fruits of Northern Michigan.

Short’s head brewer Tony Hanson has taken lead on the project, who has a history with cider-making.

 “I saw a lot of potential in those fruit trees and I felt compelled to transform that fruit into something valuable.  I still feel that way when I look at all of the orchards we have here in Antrim county,” said Hansen.

What’s in a name? Starcut refers to the star shape you’ll see when you cut across the middle of an apple. If you are familiar with Short’s beers, the seeds of an apple provide another metaphor as interesting as their beer lineup. Apple seeds, when planted, don’t always grow the same apple tree variety from which the seeds were borne. Each cider from Starcut is sure to be unique. 

The first ciders will begin pouring at the Bellaire pub, starting November 14th.

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